How does Engage 106-76 Concept Planning tie into other City of Edmonton policies?

The Vision and Principles of the Engage 106-76 were developed to align with the City’s Transportation Master Plan, The Way We MoveIn particular, the Engage 106-76 project Vision supports the goals of integrating transportation and land use, and encouraging active transportation.
Input and feedback from Community Partners will be focused on achieving the Engage 106-76 Vision and Principles. Community Partner contributions will also come in the form of sharing experiences on current barriers to walkability, bikeability and liveabilty on the corridors and how we can move past that to solutions that will work well for the corridors as a whole. 
For the development of the 106 Street and 76 Avenue Concept Plans, the Complete Street Guidelines will be used to apply feedback from Community Partners, helping to make trade-offs between the different suggestions brought forward.