Engagement Process to Date

Spring/Summer 2014

  • QA Crossroads Committee forms and develops a initial Vision for WALK BIKE LIVE. QA Crossroads meets with City of Edmonton about Neighbourhood Renewal.

Spring 2015

  • City expands project area to include 106 Street through Strathcona, Queen Alexandra, Allendale, Pleasantview and Empire Park and 76 Avenue through Queen Alexandra, McKernan and Belgravia.
  • Pilot project on public engagement proposed.
  • Core Project Team assembled with volunteer members from each community and dedicated City staff. Engagement framework including Vision & Principles, Terms of Engagement and List of Stakeholders co-created and aligns with City policies.

August 2015

  • Community members, property owners, residents, business operators, citizens invited to sign up as Community Partners.
  • Face-to-face meetings between Core Project Team members and key stakeholders including City of Edmonton Departments, community leagues, community organizations, businesses, schools, churches, residents, and public officials.

September 2015

  • Promotion of Engage 106-76 through Community League newsletters, social media, newspaper articles, Community League Day booths, letters to property owners and households along the corridor, and road signs.
  • Exceeded Community Partner sign-up goal by more than 100 people by October 2015.
  • 725 total Community Partner responses to 4 surveys to solicit initial local information & experiences.

October 2015

  • Six (6) 2.5 hour workshops held with 87 Community Partners to expand on local knowledge gathered from surveys and provide an opportunity for Community Partners to learn from the City
  • Community Partners invited to submit their ideas to the project website

November 2015 – March 2016

  • City staff to use information from Community Partners to figure out the best way to achieve the Project’s Vision through a Concept Plan.
  • Further one-on-one meetings with key stakeholders and City staff.

April 7, 2016

  • City project design team presents draft concept plan at Open House
  • Core team community volunteers help plan and execute Open House for meaningful engagement
  • Ask two key questions of Open House attendees:
    • How does the draft Concept Plan achieve the Vision and Principles well?
    • Are there specific locations where further review is required to transform 106 Street and 76 Avenue to walkable, bikeable, liveable public places that connect people.

September 24, 2016 Community Event

  • The City’s design team refined the concept plan based on information from the April open house.
  • The final concept plan was presented at a family friendly Community Event, which involved approximately 200 participants.
  • The City gathered feedback on preliminary design items such as decorative lighting, wayfinding, bike racks, and tree planting locations.

September 2016 – Present

  • Preliminary design underway.
  • Additional communications activities will take place in each community to show the final designs and present information related to upcoming construction activities. Construction will be coordinated with Neighbourhood Renewal program and 83 Avenue bike route project.

Anticipated Construction Timeline (may be subject to change):

  • Queen Alexandra – 2017
  • Strathcona – 2017 (to 83 Avenue) and 2018
  • Belgravia – 2018
  • McKernan – 2018
  • Allendale – 2018
  • Construction dates for Pleasantview and Empire Park to be coordinated with Neighbourhood Renewal and timelines are to be determined.