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Chances are you’ve got a car charged plugged into the 12v outlet of your car (or cigarette lighter, if you’re real old school) and really just haven’t thought about it in years. It charges your iPhone, so whatever. But here’s the thing- Over the years, and particularly with newer iOS devices, you’re actually able to charge way faster with more powerful chargers- Almost twice as fast in fact.

There’s a bunch of different examples of this across the internet, but last year MacRumors did a test on these different charging options and found that if you’ve got an iPhone X, iPhone 8, or iPhone 8 Plus and charge either via a 12W USB port or a 18W USB-C port your overall charge speed doubles over using just the normal 5W USB charger that you’re probably rocking if you didn’t specifically look for a high speed charger.

Anyway, I’m a pretty hardcore Anker fanboy, and I’ve been super happy with the Anker PowerDrive II which both has a traditional USB port capable of fast charging anything that can be fast charged and a USB-C port that conforms to the USB-PD standard so it’ll not only charge your iPhone as quick as an iPhone can be charged but it’ll also work with MacBooks, the Nintendo Switch, and anything else that uses USB-C.

Upgrading a Anker PowerDrive II been pretty significant for me, as I can actually get a meaningful charge out of having my iPhone plugged in for quick trips. The one annoying part of the current USB-C iPhone charging situation is that Apple hasn’t MFi certified any third party USB-C to Lightning cables yet, so you’re stuck buying expensive official cables from Apple, or much cheaper “used” ones on Amazon. Hopefully the situation surrounding this changes, but, it is what it is. Apple wouldn’t be Apple without being real dumb about cables.

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